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$20 Concert T

I guess this blog will be the antithesis of my previous entry.  For those who have not read it, you can find it here:http://mountainpassplanning.com/money-in-money-out/

I had some mixed emotions this morning.  My #2 (see above) went to school today.  But this was not any normal day.  Today was the first day one of my kids wore a concert T to school.  I know she has no idea who Phish are, and quite frankly, she probably wore the shirt because it was purple.  But I feel the concert T is a sign of my kids getting a bit older and that makes me a sad.

I remember exactly where I bought that shirt- Phish show- 2010 at SPAC.  I think it was the last concert I’ve been to, but that shirt reminded me of a fun day.  I went there with several close friends and even met up with one of my elusive roommates from college.

I remember walking up to the merchandise booth and looking at some shirts.  I hemmed and hawed for what felt like an eternity in trying to decide if I should spend $20 on a silly t-shirt.  For those who know me, you understand some of my shortcomings.

I considered the value of this purchase.  I asked myself, who I am really buying this for.  Do we really need this?  My kid (then my #1) will certainly destroy this shirt- why buy it?  And most importantly, what will my wife think?

When I work with my clients, we often talk about the unnecessary things we buy because we think we need it, only to later regret the purchase and then complain about next month’s credit card balance.  It becomes a horrible cycle and I’m cognizant of it, which is why I deliberated about this purchase.

Nearly 6 years after this “spontaneous” purchase, I can tell you with great confidence that it has been one of my best $20 purchases to date.  This purchase allowed me to think about my kids in a loving manner during the daily “go to school” ritual.  It also reminded me of my great friends and good times.

So take that! Mr. “Prudent Man”!