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Frequently Asked Questions

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers." – Thomas Pynchon

How will working with a financial advisor benefit me?

An advisor will provide an objective view of your financial situation and hold you accountable so you are on track to meet your goals. Financial advisors have helped hundreds of clients successfully reach retirement, and have witnessed the effects of client’s financial decisions. Most of us only get one shot at a secure retirement or a college plan. You don’t have to go at it alone.  Click here for more information.

How are you different from other advisors?

Many financial advisory firms keep a veil over their process and use confusing technical and industry jargon. At Mountain Pass Planning, we are completely transparent with our process and use straightforward language so you can make decisions with the knowledge and confidence you need for a secure financial future.

Why is your pricing so unique?

At Mountain Pass Planning, we believe financial planning and asset management are fixed cost businesses. This means that it doesn’t cost us any more to manage a $500,000 account versus a $1 million account. However, most advisors charge the client with $1 million nearly twice as much. We firmly believe that flat-fee management benefits our clients and will eventually be the industry standard. Learn more about our pricing structure.

What do you mean by “continual asset management?"

We have developed systems which allow us to efficiently monitor your investments. This helps us keep track of your portfolio to ensure it's meeting our goals. This way, you’ll know your accounts are always being watched.

What do you mean by “ongoing financial planning?”

Mountain Pass Planning understands things will change in your life, so we don’t just create a 300-page financial plan and send you on your way. We start the planning process with your most important goals. As you continue to work with us, we not only will continue to hone the plans we have established, but we will also address new hurdles and concerns that come along. Life is not static, and neither should be your plan.