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The Power of Yet and What Adults can Learn from Sesame Street

Unfortunately for me, my household is at the tail end of watching Sesame Street on a regular basis.  By the time my son was born, Sesame Street was being replaced by Nick Jr, and the Disney channel.  But from time to time, my youngest will still watch it, and the episode we caught, could not have been more applicable to adults as well as children.

Click  HERE and you can see a 3-minute skit of what I’m referring to.  Go ahead and watch this as it will provide a foundation for understanding the rest of this blog.

Upon further digging, the Power of Yet seems to be born out of the psychology field and the work of Carol Dweck and her research of the “growth mindset”.  She researches motivation and why some people succeed, while others do not.  You can see her TED presentation  HERE.

Upon seeing the Sesame Street version, I instantly thought of its application to my clients and how their mindset will ultimately determine their probability of personal and financial success.

Some will come in defeated and overwhelmed, while others will come in knowing they are “in over their heads”, but still have the inner fight to move forward successfully.  I’ve become cognizant of these differences and for clients down and out, I look for ways I can improve their confidence and ultimately “adjust” their behavior to get them into a success mindset.

Just last week I spoke with two very successful business owners who seem to be going through either a lull in business or have temporarily lost sight of their mission and vision.  And while I think they both possess the growth mindset, they were temporarily hampered by either recent shortcomings or potential realization that they have gone off track.

I think we all need to realize we have not failed nor are failing.  We should recognize we are all under “development” and still building the best versions of ourselves.  If we continue down this path, we will eventually land on success.  This goes for the kids who are still having trouble with their multiplication tables as well and adults looking to break their negative patterns.

 How can The Power of Yet help you?