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Why I Don't Like the Traditional Financial Plan

How many of us have gone to the doctor for an ear ache and wound up getting a full body cat scan and multiple blood tests? The answer, (I hope) is none.

Can you imagine the result if this happened after each doctor visit? Imagine him coming back and providing a solution to reduce your weight, address your new found high cholesterol, send you to a specialist for that small “spot” he noticed on your shoulder, and if he remembered, provide you a script for your ear infection (the reason you initially came in).

The battery of tests and the number of visits one would have to complete just so the doctor could confirm an ear infection would be astounding. By the time these tests are completed, your ear ache would be gone. Not to mention what are the odds that you would complete all the visits he requested? How many of these “problems” could you realistically address at the same time? How many of them would ultimately get the attention they deserve?

However, what the doctor does is confirm the ear infection, prescribe the medication and send you on your merry way. Don’t forget the co-pay.

This is the reason why I hate the traditional approach to a financial plan. It’s the equivalent of a full body scan when the client is coming in for an isolated problem.

This is the reason why I prefer to confirm the ailment my client is having (like a doctor) and treat it. From there, we will begin to work on other issues that present themselves up till we are at the point of being pro-active. I find this works much better than throwing all the “solutions to all of your problems” out at the same time via a voluminous work.

I know your success rate will increase substantially if we addressed your issues and concerns in a modular fashion. I also know life is always evolving, so why in the world would I rely on a “plan” we designed 4 years ago?

I also know that if I keep this blog around 400 words, the odds of you reaching the end increases exponentially. Which is always my goal- to help you get to the finish line.